Diane Bertolin

Key Strategist

Diane is a seasoned business communicator who specializes in social media management, PR, and Marketing. She is also the Managing Director for the eWomenNetwork-Windsor chapter.

As the key strategist, Diane has created an inbound communication company that works with a proven methodology that targets, engages, and converts. Working in the service industry, her and her team understand how to navigate the complex challenges that businesses face when trying to develop a position in the digital marketplace.

Her experience has included consulting, training, blogging, publishing, developing policy and strategy, managing, and of course, marketing.


  • Developing your digital presence is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Fantastic social media & PR campaigns need big ideas, and we have them.

  • My team and I do not need the credit for our clients’ successes; we just want them to succeed.

  • Strategic Communication & PR applies to every business, regardless of size, product, or service. You just need to find your niche.

  • My team and I are our clients’ champions. We partner you to ensure that they have the tactics and strategies necessary to grow your businesses.

  • We are all about execution and results. It is great to have a strategy, but it requires implementation and measured results. We believe in ROI and prove that our methodology provides you with ROI.


Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer experience when it comes to social media marketing, social-PR, and social positioning.

With over twenty years of experience in strategizing, leading, executing, and selling ideas, we are passionate about helping organizations and individuals determine their identities and their strategic positions in their marketplace.

Missy Galamb

Marketing Strategist

Missy is our social media specialist. Her craft started a decade ago when she entered the Advertising program at St. Clair College. From here, she also received her diplomas in International Business and Marketing. Furthering her education, she received her degree in Marketing with highest honours from Davenport University. With her education behind her, she has honed her skills and is effective in social media strategy and management. The day to day social media operations that clients need, she has a really good handle of! Our clients get noticed when we take care of their social media.

You can trust Missy to get you noticed!

Jesmyne Wallace

Design Strategist

Jesmyne’s creativity was realized when she entered into the Graphic Design program at St. Clair College and excelled in her classes, so much so, she graduated at the top of her class. Her life’s passion is bringing a brand to life in creative and different ways. Just ask her to create a graphic for you and she’ll show you what she’s made of.

You’ll love Jesmyne's art as well as her sassy disposition!

Chuck Capsis

Graphic Design Strategist

Chuck has an eye for design!