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Office workers feel less productive when their workplace is disorganized.

We’ve all heard about ‘geniuses’ who on the surface have a severely disorganized workplace, yet they know where everything is located and are able to not only stay productive, but make breakthroughs. You know the  kind of workplace I’m talking about: papers scattered everywhere, notes hanging all around the office, books stacked in various areas of the office, and so on. Some people refer to this type of workplace as organized workplace, while others simply say, “well, if he/she can find it, that’s all that matters, right?”

Have you ever stopped to wonder if these ‘geniuses’ (or, people with generally messy workplaces for that matter) actually feel about the disorganization? While it’s impossible to know what goes on inside the minds of people, there is undoubtedly a correlation between your mental state and a disorganized workplace. A 2010 survey by Brother International Corporation discovered that 87% of office workers felt less productive when their workplace is disorganized – a huge number when you stop and think about that this problem stems from a messy workplace.

The truth is clear: a messy workplace isn’t optional. Take a moment to clean your workplace, organize it, and make make a mental note regarding where everything is placed and stored. Below are even more reasons why it’s time to take an afternoon to get tidy.

Reduces stress 

This is the big one. Studies show that a clean workplace can improve your state of mind, meaning that your stress can be reduced significantly by merely cleaning your workplace. It makes sense when you think about it: if all you are focusing on is a dirty workplace and trying to find items that you need to do your job, it’s going to become stressful. Plus, most of us can’t stand sitting around disorganization all day anyway, even if we realize it or not. Clean now, reduce stress later. 

Increases motivation 

It’s hard to feel motivated when everything is disorganized. As stated above, the disorganization of your workplace is constantly in the back of your mind, and because you are stressed from the chaos, it’s hard to find motivation to do anything. Think about the last time you went into work seriously stressed from a non-work issue: the last thing on your mind was work.

A filthy workplace can have the same affect on your motivation. While it’s certainly true that you must ‘work through’ your lack of motivation by being a professional and doing what needs to be done, why allow your motivation to take a hit in the first place? Clean your workplace! 

Feel accomplished 

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard not to feel prideful when you look at your workplace and notice how clean and spotless it is. There’s something fulfilling about keeping it clean, and it’s an even better feeling when you also know that you’ve put in a day’s worth of good, quality work. See a pattern here? A clean workplace ensures that you are able to work good, consistently! You also feel really good about the work you’ve put in, and it makes it simple to actually want to work. Ultimately, a clean workplace provides you with… 

A better life

I’m not going to tout that a clean workplace will bring every aspect of your life together and improve it exponentially, but it will improve many areas of your life. You will be surprised by the affect a dirty workplace will have on the rest of your life – the stress it carries with it can reach the farthest parts of your life. Clean it and remove the stress from your life, and you will be amazed by not only how much better you feel, but how much more you will enjoy work as a result!

In all my years in business, I’ve learned that the actions, thoughts and feelings we all have are due to our archetypes. Learning your archetypes can help you balance your life, both personally and professionally. This includes becoming a more organized person, increasing your efficiency.

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