Now more than ever, it is essential that brands showcase their values and beliefs at all times. Gone are the days in which people support brands based solely on fantastic products and stellar services. The masses flock to brands that offer ‘experiences.’ In other words, if conducting business with a brand provides customers with something they can share with others – especially if it’s philanthropic in nature – this provides them an experience that will perhaps convert them into a regular customer. For example, the shoe company TOMS not only sell comfortable, stylish shoes, but they also donate one pair of shoes for every pair sold – thus, creating an experience worth talking about.

That isn’t to say it is mandatory that your brand donate to charities every chance you get just to attract customers (though you need to be at least a little philanthropic when possible): rather, you simply need to showcase your values on the Web and social media as a whole whenever possible. Why should your brand’s values be reflected online? It’s simple:

Because the most lucrative demographic is millennials

Want to know one of the most defining traits of millennials? They support brands that are transparent and share their values with the public – exactly what we described above! Millennials want to know that by conducting business with a brand, they are getting something in return that far surpasses just another sale. They want to know that their purchase ‘helps’ in some capacity – and as a brand, it is up to you to tell them how their purchase ‘helps.’ This is where reiterating the values of your brand on the Web come into play.

For example, if employees at your brand volunteer at a soup kitchen one weekend a month, mention this regularly and state that you care about your community and give back when possible. Customers will then know that by supporting your brand, they are keeping your brand in business and are giving you the opportunity to keep doing ‘good.’ To them, becoming a regular customer helps their community.

Be ‘real’

While this is a great tactic to attract millennials, you have to seriously believe everything that you say. The moment you accidentally do something hypocritical, you are going to lose the support of most of your millennials customers (and probably customers from other demographics as well). This is where the importance of transparency we talked about earlier comes into play. When you share your values, constantly show that you are placing those values into action and never do something that will invalidate those values!

Be organic

While millennials love supporting brands that show their values and transparency on the Web, they hate when brands shove them down their throats. It’s a bit of a fine line to tread, isn’t it? On one hand, it’s important to share your values and showcase how much you care about making your community and world a better place – yet you shouldn’t do this too much or your millennial customers may begin to think your values are one big sham. Instead, prove that your values are real. Provide stellar customer service, provide value to your customers via helpful, shareable content on your social media channels, and so much more. Every chance you get to organically prove that you believe what you preach – do it!

In the end, the best way to win over millennial customers is to simply be a brand with a conscience. Be honest and good. Prove why you are honest and good. From there, you will be surprised how many millennials become interested in your brand!

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