Writing a television spot for your taxi company may seem daunting – especially if you have no idea where to begin. Yet, by taking a few key elements into consideration and filling in the details, you will find that it’s actually quite simple to create a television spot that is not only effective, but memorable. Below are the best tips to help you get started.

Know thy brand

Before writing any TV spot, you need to realize what makes your brand so special. Do you pride yourself on volunteering your resources and time to charities and local fundraisers? Is stellar, quick customer service a hallmark of your brand? Figure out at least one thing that makes your brand stand out from your competition and emphasize it in the television spot.

Have a message

Now that you’ve had time to reflect on what makes your brand so great, it’s time to craft the underlying message for the TV spot. In other words, what do you want the spot to say in order to gain more customers? Using the volunteering angle mentioned above, if your taxi company prides itself on volunteering time/resources, you could use the TV spot to articulate that your brand cares about not only its customers, but the quality of life of all citizens in your community. From there, you could use your philanthropy as an example to prove your point.

As you can see, your brand and message is linked together. To figure out the message you want to portray in the television spot, you have to know your brand. From there, you need to figure out the best way to…

Tell a story

Now that you’ve had time to think about what makes your brand unique and the message you want to portray, it’s time to figure out the best way to present these details to the public. Using the volunteering angle once again, you could include footage of your employees volunteering around the community, feature clips of different non-profits discussing how you have helped the community, and so on. No matter how you decide to present your brand and message, tell a story.

Think to yourself: “what do I want viewers to take away from my brand’s TV spot? How will that entice them to choose us when they need a taxi service?” Create a story to tell in the television spot, and be sure to…

Be entertaining

In other words, be memorable. Sure, you can include information on why you are the best taxi service in the area, but nobody is going to remember it if you present the information in a boring manner. For example, the insurance provider Geico wants viewers to know that they can lower the price of their insurance premiums per month by taking a maximum of 15 minutes out of their day to visit their website (more on that in a moment). Yet, the way the company presents this information is almost always entertaining. Thus, viewers are much more likely to remember the underlying message Geico is trying to emphasize to potential customers. Without the entertainment value, a significant amount of people would pass on doing business with Geico. But because their commercials grab their attention, Geico is now one of the most popular insurance providers in the United States.

Call to action

The final step is to ensure that viewers know exactly how to contact your taxi company to use your services. There are many ways you can present a call to action (e.g. including a splash page at the end of your commercial that features your taxi company’s logo, a telephone number, website, and where customers can follow you on social media), so feel free to get creative with it. Just know that viewers need to know exactly how to communicate with your brand in order to use your services.

Still not comfortable with writing a TV spot? Don’t fret – we can help.

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