Your brand is only as successful as your last quarter. If you really want to ‘kill it’ this quarter (and the quarters to come), it’s essential that you market your brand accordingly. One of the very best ways to do this is via a concept called content marketing. It’s essential to gaining and engaging followers on social media, creating/curating stellar content your audience will love, and ultimately becoming an authority in your niche. Yet, none of this will happen unless you focus on…

Setting your goals

Let’s get one thing straight. Content marketing is about accomplishing one main thing: getting new customers. On the same train of thought, it’s also about keeping new customers. Certainly, one could say that’s the goal of all facets of marketing, yet content marketing is unique. As opposed to traditional marketing (i.e. marketing before the advent of the Web), content marketing is more about providing value (i.e. providing them with helpful/useful content) for your followers in exchange for potential sales. Yet, you need to give your followers and customers alike a ‘push’ to purchase your products and/or services. To do this, you can use your content marketing tactics to…

Developing metrics

When we talk about metrics, we’re simply talking about measurements of success in regards to marketing (in this case, content marketing). Metrics are literally units of measurements you can gauge when it comes to your marketing game plan. Just like we use units of measurement in the real world (e.g. centimeters, ounces, inches, millimeters, etc.), so too do we do the same thing in marketing.

What metrics can you use? There are a ton of them out there, but we’ll focus on a few simple ones for now (if you want to get in-depth with measuring metrics, The Strategist can help you). One of the useful metrics you can use is Return on Investment (ROI), which is measuring what you have left over after you have subtracted your total expenses from revenue (including content marketing). To fine-tune your ROI, find your cost-per-lead (or, how much you spend on marketing, resources, labor, etc. to acquire a new customer) then find your lead-to-close ratio (or, how many customers you gain from leads). Use this data and compare it to your average customer value and you have your ROI.

You will also want to keep in mind your brand’s conversion rate (i.e. how many people actually become customers from your content marketing exploits). There are many dimensions to calculating your brand’s conversion rate, and honestly it can get quite confusing. If you don’t want to stay on top of your conversion rate (and other metrics your brand needs to stay ahead) alone, then you need a professional that can help.

That’s where The Strategist comes in – and fortunately for you, we have a special deal that will not only help you to fine-tune the metrics you need to survive, but will also help you to perfect your content marketing, other forms of marketing, and ultimately will aid you in bringing your brand to the next level. Normally, getting this kind of help would cost you $1200.00, but for our customers, we can provide this deal for only $750.00.

That’s right: for only $750.00, you can bring your brand to that next level and beyond. We also allow you to pay with installment payments as well ($250.00 to start, $250.00 after week three, $250.00 after week six). Additionally, we will give a bonus offer after the final payment. Call today, and get the help that you need!

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