Residential Mortgages

Residential Mortgages

As a professional mortgage agent, I can help you organize your financial situation even if you do not own your own home or if you are renting. I can help you work on devising a plan to get you into home ownerships if you rent.

Already own a home?

You may also have some credit cards or high-interest loans that we may be able to consolidate into a secured mortgage with a bank or credit union at a lower interest rate than you are currently paying. By using the current equity in your home, you can secure your future where you are not paying these high rates.

Need to do some remodeling?

We can help as well. I would love to help you secure the right loan so you can build your dream ensuite.

Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit or recently had to go into a proposal, all is not loss; I have private lenders that will consider your situation to help you secure the loans that you need.

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