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September 15, 2016
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“attitude is everything,” isn’t just a quote that sounds wise: it’s the absolute truth

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve our brand – all of us. Often, these changes can only begin when we change ourselves. We’ve given advice on how to change yourself as a person in an effort to ultimately improve your brand, from waking up earlier in the morning to just saying, “no,” to complaining and negativity, all of these things are great first steps to improving yourself along with your brand.

But you can’t snap your fingers and decide things are going to change as take a long hot sip of your morning tea, and say to yourself, “I’ve decided things are going to be different going forward – now what’s for lunch,” because that’s not how change works. In order to positively change yourself and your brand, you need to put in the legwork. That means not only deciding that things are going to be different, but realizing how you feel about the change.

There’s a blog called Zen Habits that discusses this very topic, and it’s an angle I’ve honestly never thought about very much. Whereas it’s easy to get excited to proclaim to ourselves that, “things are going to be different because positive change begins today,” it’s even easier to give up on the idea after a few days (or a few hours, depending on what you are trying to change). Once you hit your first rough patch as you attempt to make positive changes, you’re not going to feel as optimistic as before. Thoughts such as, “this is too hard, I can’t continue,” or, “what did I get myself into,” are all commonplace, yet they can destroy the foundation of change that begins forming from the moment you decide to enact change. You will find these are the crucial moments, because in these moments, the way you feel about the positive changes you are trying to apply to your personal life, brand, or whatever the case may be will be extremely different than in the beginning. You will be much more inclined to quit, possibly saying to yourself, “well, at least I tried,” or, “maybe next time.”

Enough. It can be easy to talk ourselves out of these positive changes, to come up with one excuse after another, and actually make ourselves believe that it’s okay to abandon this plan of positive change, but you need to tell yourself that this just isn’t an option. The old saying, “attitude is everything,” isn’t just a quote that sounds wise: it’s the absolute truth – especially when it comes to change. Having a positive attitude, committing every fiber of your being to changing, and staying strong are all required facets to ensuring change occurs – and I emphasize the word, ‘required.’

Change is hard, it doesn’t matter what it is. Yet, by realizing how you feel in the initial stages of these changes and applying the facets mentioned above to your own situation, there’s no reason why change can’t occur. Stay strong, stay true, and continue to work on creating positive changes in your life and believe me – those positive changes you want will eventually become a positive reality.

We all have difficulties changing, but it can be a bit easier when you know thyself. We cover this topic in my Awakening Through Archetypes workshop on October 14, 15 and 16. Click on the photo below to learn more about this powerful 3-day seminar.

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