June 10, 2014
Diane Bertolin

Why You Should Never Attempt to Victimize This Blogger!

By Diane Bertolin Because I will write about it! This post is about an incident that transpired over the last several days. I received a message […]
May 31, 2014
Diane Bertolin

Strategies To Assert Yourself

By Diane Bertolin Yesterday, I talk about the drama queen/king and how to deal with them.  Being assertive is very important to dealing with this archetype […]
May 30, 2014
Diane Bertolin

Being Strategic With The Drama Queen

Oh, the Drama Queen Have you encountered the drama queen? You know the one who sucks and consumes every ounce of your energy because the world […]
May 27, 2014
Diane Bertolin

The Purpose of an Archetypal Reading

By Diane Bertolin As you are well aware, one of the services I provide is archetypal readings. A reading is based on the methodology set out […]
May 5, 2014
Diane Bertolin

10 Strategies to Get Inspired and Motivated

By Diane Bertolin Do you sometimes feel uninspired and discouraged?  All it proves is that you are human.  Everyone but the most resolute have periods of […]
May 3, 2014
Diane Bertolin's Hands with Scared Contract Book by Caroline Myss

The Evolution of the Monarch Archetypes

By Diane Bertolin The other day I was listening to Caroline Myss’s audio presentation of Archetypes Me. In the last part of the audio presentation, Myss […]
April 29, 2014
Diane Bertolin

How Caroline Myss’ Model Of Archetypes Can Work for Business Owners.

By Diane Bertolin What is an archetype: Archetypes are the primordial collective symbols, myths, and structures common to us all. They are expressions of patterns of […]
April 22, 2014

Confidence and Maturing Your Survival Archetypes

Ownership She was wagging her finger in my face and speaking in that all-too-familiar stern tone about responsibility and owning up to my actions. My mother […]