November 24, 2014

An Example: Shifting the Victim Archetype To Find Your Purpose.

Understanding the energy that makes up your default reactions and thoughts is critical to becoming a conscious individual.  And by understanding these energies, it doesn’t mean […]
November 17, 2014

Victim Archetype and Time

I have been writing about archetypes and the value of understanding one’s archetypal complement for some time now. Archetypes are power patterns of energy. Archetypes allow […]
June 10, 2014
Diane Bertolin

Why You Should Never Attempt to Victimize This Blogger!

By Diane Bertolin Because I will write about it! This post is about an incident that transpired over the last several days. I received a message […]
March 23, 2014

Strategies To Deal With Bully Archetype and their behaviour.

By Diane Bertolin When someone talks about bullying, most people think of school and the loner in the corner of the playground. It’s an unfortunate fact […]