Seemingly overnight, Pokémon GO captured the imaginations of millions of smartphone users all over the world. It’s amazing how quickly the game went viral, too: one moment nobody was playing Pokémon GO, the next it was impossible to walk past a dozen people without spotting at least one person looking at their smartphone, attempting to catch a creature ‘in the wild.’ It’s no surprise, either: at its peak this Summer, one in 10 Americans was playing Pokémon GO – making it the fastest downloaded app in the history of mobile gaming.

That’s an amazing feat.

It made a huge impact on businesses as well. As you probably heard from a player over the Summer (and how could you not?), each community has a variety of gyms (where players can train their  Pokémon) and PokéStops (a location where players can earn rewards) – and many of these locales are located at real-world businesses. This resulted in waves of players constantly showing up at the doorsteps of businesses, hunting, training, and earning rewards – and for many businesses, it has proven to be a great way to engage players and turn them into real-world customers.

While  Pokémon GO has begun to decrease in popularity (these types of fads usually do), that doesn’t mean that you cannot still benefit from the abundance of  Pokémon GO players that are still out there.

Enticing these players to visit your business couldn’t be simpler – but it only works if your business is labeled as a gym or PokéStop (you can discover this by booting up the app and looking at the overview map – here’s a video that quickly walks you through the process)  If it does, you’re in luck! Use the following tips below, and convert  Pokémon GO players into actual customers!

Throw a Lure 

First, a little lingo explanation. A Lure behaves exactly like it sounds – a tool for ‘luring’ players to your business. Lures increase how often  Pokémon pop up around your location – and hopefully, how many players visit your business. At its peak, some businesses were seeing dozens to even hundreds of players showing up at their business in under an hour! While you’re not going to see hundreds of would-be trainers show up at your business anymore, chances are you will see an increase in foot traffic. Especially if you… 

Invite players to play inside 

Placing a Lure is the first step in a two-part process. Luring players to visit your business means nothing if they can’t explore your business as they hunt new creatures, so place a sign inviting players to come inside and hunt. It’s also a good idea to advertise certain deals for players. For example, if you own a pizza place, you could give players a dollar off each creature they catch on your property, or place an additional Lure every time players purchase ‘X’ amount of slices. Truly,  Pokémon GO gives you seemingly… 

Infinite methods for engagement 

From sharing Pokémon captured at your business on social media to advertising discounts for players wanting to browse your business and so much more, there are a variety of ways you can use the fun of  Pokémon GO to engage with your audience, entice them to visit your business, and show them that yes, you’re just a normal person just like them that’s trying to earn a living like anyone else (a great way to open up relationship marketing opportunities). Get creative, think differently, and do your part to get players excited about visiting your gym or  PokéStop. Beyond that, use this craze as a lesson to embrace these unique, viral apps if they show any indication of benefiting your brand. These types of fads are going to become more frequent as technology evolves, so if you think  Pokémon GO is the only time small businesses are going to be bombarded by people going on a virtual scavenger hunt, think again!

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