I was asked recently whether or not mortgage applications are secure on my website. This is an excellent question; you have the right to be concerned about your data, we should be concerned about how it is used by any website.

Here are some facts regarding the security of your data:

  1. My applications are hosted on an encrypted server owned by JotFormWhen you fill out your application and hit submit, the form is automatically encrypted and exists on JotForm’s site as an encrypted document.
  2. I have the only digital key that allows the form to be converted to a readable document.
  3. After I have the readable document, I process the application.
  4. Once I am finished with the application and we process your mortgage, the application is deleted from the server.
  5. We never sell your information to a third party. The application and the information you provide are only used to determine whether or not you qualify for a mortgage or equity loan.
  6. Once your application is processed, we keep a secure paper file at our head office, as required by law.

I hope this information provides a sense of comfort. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. We can always fill out and process the form by hand. The online form is there for convenience. I have a number of clients who prefer to fill out their own forms manually.

Let me know if you have any more questions.