Why I love being a Mortgage Broker & Helping Clients with Mortgage Service

I was asked recently if I loved being a mortgage broker and providing mortgage service to clients and, if so, why.

I loved the question, particularly how the follow-up “why” didn’t let me off the hook with a simple smile and a “yes.”

I do love providing mortgage services for clients in Ontario. Here are the reasons:

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  • I believe our purpose in life is to be in service to others. Taking applications, finding the right lender, and obtaining a mortgage for someone is rewarding for me. I like doing this service.
  • I’m competitive. I like finding great deals for my clients. I like beating the bank rate, something I did just today for a client. His banker offered him 3.36% and I got him 3.29% from a different bank. I love the win.
  • I like working with people. I’m sure that sounds cliché, but I do. It makes my day to work with people who are making one of the biggest decisions of their lives and to help them achieve their goal of home ownership.
  • I love real estate. Whether it is commercial or residential property, I think real estate is still one of the best long-term investments that people can make for themselves.
  • Being in this business allows me to choose my own hours and gives me the flexibility to spend time with those I love and pursue the hobbies that are important to me.

So yes, I love doing what I do. If I can help you find the right financing, please don’t hesitate to call me.


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About the Author:

Diane Bertolin
Diane along with her team have over 120 years of real estate experience between them all from mortgage lending, to land development, construction, and real estate sales. Diane’s knowledge of economics, her fervent enthusiasm to read everything and her overall desire to help people to become financially independent lead her to this point of building her newest business. She joined the Unimor Capital Corporation team in September of 2016. Diane takes pleasure in helping people get the funds they need to get their dream property, but she also tells you when you cannot afford something. Diane strives to get you, your best mortgage or real estate investment.

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