What moves anyone to read anything? I’m told no one reads anymore, but I don’t believe that at all. And I understand how people can assume that, and that is what I am told when my business blog and newsletter barely make an impact. Now, I don’t write this content. I pay others to do it, but I’m not sure that is the right move for me. So can you help me out?

Let me explain first!

I agree the topic of mortgages is not a topic that people are just itching to get their hands on but isn’t money and how you manage it just as important as the face cream you use to get rid of your crow’s feet? Or your Keto diet recipes?

We spend a great deal of time talking about our mental and physical health, but very little time talking about our financial health. I thought my blogs would help people.

Now let me make it clear, I have been very laissez-faire when it comes to money. I was born poor and always thought it was something that other people had and I needed to get. I thought of it as some finite thing and that there are people who have it and people who don’t. And that is how the world is divided. I just needed enough to get by, because isn’t that how it goes?

The other reason I was a passive money manager is that money needs to be tended to like a vegetable garden, and I hate all the mundane tasks that come with managing your money and a garden. I somehow thought if I pawned off all the decisions to someone else that it would just work out. How did I ever believe that would work for me?

It has only been in recent years that money and how I manage it has become very important. The reasons are twofold: I went into the mortgage/capital business, and my retirement fund tanked. Now, if you’re 20, who cares if your retirement fund takes a little plunge… but at 52, it is a totally different ball game. I don’t want to eat cat food for dinner when I’m 70.

All of sudden, life changed again. It gave me the new challenge of having to watch every single penny in my possession so I could pay the bills. God, that sucks. I would rather take a class with Caroline Myss or have long beautiful conversations about archetypes with my spiritual director than tend to my money, but the Universe is clever at making you learn your life lessons. I no longer had the luxury of pondering the universe and its secret. I needed to pay the mortgage.

My biggest mistake was relying on others to take care of money for me. Now, we should all have financial planners, bankers, legal experts, bookkeepers, life insurance gurus and accountants….Yup, that’s a lot of people and you need them all to be financially healthy. I am not dismissing their expertise but I learned they don’t care about your money as much you do.

So challenge accepted! So, I had to learn a whole new industry, develop a business funnel, and re-invent myself once again.

I took a stock course. Me? I resented taking it at first but as I moved through it, I realized there was so much I didn’t know and that was not a good thing. Money and how it is treated and used is just as important as daily mediation and relationship building. I started to become fascinated with the inner workings of funds, fund managers, people that trade and businesses that look capitalized. There is a system to commerce as there is a system to losing weight, to tending to a garden or to be successful in digital marketing.

Commerce is the reason why we can clothe ourselves and put roofs over our heads, and a yoga class is not going to give you the insight you need to understand the appropriate portfolio mix you need for your RRSP. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with yoga, but if you want to pay for those yoga classes, you need to understand commerce.

You need to be active to make money and you need to be just as active to keep it. You can’t go on autopilot and hope that it is all taken care of even if you have a company pension plan.

I went into the mortgage business with the intention of getting people into homes. I thought there was nothing more rewarding than helping someone with one of the biggest purchases of their lives. However, for most people, getting a mortgage is about as enjoyable as writing a grade-11 physics test. (I hated physics — apologies to all the physics majors out there).

And I get the reasons why there is so much apprehension.

There are people in the mortgage/capital business that will sell their integrity to make a couple bucks. They will set clients up with deals that clients really don’t understand, with terms that are expensive to get out of and/or are just bad for the clients’ particular circumstances. The 2008 mortgage crisis that happened across the globe was not some cosmic blip or unforeseen economic failure. It was a deliberate con that cost the world billions in equity.

That crisis caused a great deal of mistrust in our industry.

However, there are a lot of people out there on autopilot when it comes to their finances. Whether it is missing mortgage or credit card payments, not saving, over-spending, or simply not understanding commerce. I get it, but it’s your fault too. You can’t be on autopilot.

As for me, I am no longer on autopilot. I watch everything. I am in the process of re-organizing my investments and expenses. You might have noticed I used the present tense and called it a process because just because I changed it once doesn’t mean I can walk away and think it is over. Right? Right. No more autopilot.

I am tenacious about my business goals and building my network. I continue to take courses in finance. I have my next exam in about four weeks on exempt capital markets. I am now as active in my relationship with money as I am in my relationships with my life and business partners, my customers, and the Universe.

Finally, I let go of all the negativity garbage that surrounds money. Money is not the root of all evil — that would be greed. Money is a medium of exchange between two parties and that’s it. And there is enough of it to go around for all of us.

I now love this money thing! I never thought I would say that…but I don’t know how to get people engaged with my blogs or newsletter. If you have a moment, can you look at my blogs at give me your opinion? I need to get people to read or they will make the mistakes that I did.