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Project Description

Investing in real estate for many is a way to achieve long-term financial wealth. I love working with real estate investors and land developers who have a strong knowledge and system when it comes to real estate investing. I can help an investor or land developers find a mortgage:

Diane Bertolin - Investors for Land Developers and Businesses

  •     multi-residential rentals
  •     land assembly
  •     renovating and flipping a property or properties
  •     commercial space: office or retail
  •     construction loans

For business owners, there are significant opportunities out their to “buy” the perfect commercial space for your business. And it is a great way to provide both stability and wealth to your business if you have the cash-flow to support a mortgage.  I can help a company find a mortgage:

  •     For their retail business: clothing, yoga, restaurant, etc.
  •     for their medical office
  •     for their general commercial use such as office, warehousing, etc

I can also help you in finding a business loan for business expansions, cash flow, inventory purchases and the like.

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