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Since 1974, Unimor Capital Corporation (UCC) has been serving families and business alike by providing residential and commercial mortgages. UCC prides itself on having a mortgage for everyone. Whether you have bruised credit or you are just starting your dream business or looking for a construction financing, UCC’s agents and brokers will find you the right loan or mortgage. UCC’s extensive network of traditional and private lenders can provide competitive rates. Our lenders include both local and online Canadian chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions, private lenders, and loan and finance companies.


Diane looks forward to finding the right mortgage that suits your needs.

Need a Mortgage in Windsor? You Need Diane Bertolin.

Take the guesswork out of finding a mortgage broker in Windsor by making the smart call: reach out to Diane Bertolin today, and let her team find the perfect mortgage just for you. With over 120-years of combined real estate knowledge, Bertolin’s team will fight to win financing for that dream home of yours. So not matter if you need a mortgage broker in Windsor, ON or elsewhere in the GTA, Bertolin will find the perfect fit.


First Mortgage

Location: Windsor, Ontario
Residential purchase, great credit.

Second Mortgage

Location: Dunnville, Ontario
Residential, needed the funds to finish a renovation.

Second Mortgage

Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Need funds for renovations; arrange for mortgage to be prepaid so that they did not have a monthly mortgage payment.

Quickie Loan

Location: Burlington, Ontario
Funds to renovate a bathroom.

Commercial First Mortgage

Location: Burlington, Ontario
Funds to purchase a mixed use property.

Commercial First Mortgage

Location: Petawawa, Ontario
Funds to purchase a multi-use facility.

Residential Mortgage

Location: Brantford, Ontario
Refinance a rental property.

Quickie Loan

Location: Burlington, Ontario
Funds to clear up high interest debt.

Quickie Loan

Location: Windsor, Ontario
Funds to finish a home renovation.

Mortgage Broker in Hamilton?

You need a professional that not only knows how to find the perfect mortgage, but also the neighbourhood where your home is located. Enter Diane Bertolin: the mortgage broker in Hamilton that won’t only find right mortgage for your home but also if you need commercial financing. The great thing about Bertolin’s team is because they have an exhaustive list of specialties, no matter the type of mortgage in Burlington, ON or around the area that you need they’re going to help. The perfect choice for families and developers alike, call today.

Need a mortgage in Burlington?

From securing commercial loans to mezzanine financing to even assisting clients in acquiring a private mortgage lending loan for real estate investing, you can trust this mortgage broker in Burlington, ON to be there to help. No matter what type of financing you need, one thing is certain: our mortgage broker in Burlington will find the best mortgage just for you, guaranteed!

Need a Mortgage Broker in Hamilton? Make it Diane Bertolin

A property purchase is stressful enough. Finding the right mortgage? It should be a breeze. With Diane Bertolin and team by your side, the word, ‘stressful,’ will be the furthest thing from your mind. Replaced with words like, ‘professional,’ and, ‘thoughtful,’ the expert at Diane Bertolin will help you to achieve your real estate goals.

Windsor mortgage solutions for individuals, families

Whether you or your family plan to buy your first home or you’ve been through the process before, Diane Bertolin has the options you need. Don’t waste another second looking for a mortgage on your own! Mortgages are not one-size-fits-all. Like a tailor meticulously measures you to ensure your threads fit perfectly, so too does Diane Bertolin measure every facet of one’s buying power. Inquire about mortgage broker services in Windsor today for a mortgage that fits.

Need a commercial mortgage broker in Burlington?

From the entrepreneur working out of a garage to Canada’s largest corporations, no client is too big or small. Looking to expand in Burlington? Mortgage broker solutions are ideal for everyone. No matter the industry or your financial status, you need an expert that can find the commercial mortgage that’s able to scale as your brand grows.

That’s your cue to call Diane Bertolin. Meticulously pouring over your financial information, our experts will find the best fit for your growing brand. Customers come to you for your knowledge; it’s the same logic behind calling Bertolin and team today. Let us fight for you: together, let’s find a mortgage that’s able to scale alongside your business!

Investing in real estate in Hamilton? You know what to do…

Regardless if you want a piece of that condo investment pie or you prefer to invest elsewhere, it’s hard to beat the investment opportunities in Hamilton. Mortgage broker services from Diane Bertolin are your ticket to acquiring the funds needed to grow your portfolio. Go ahead, make those calculated moves. Just know you have a mortgage broker in Hamilton that’s with you every step of the way!

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