Racing the Clock: Sell Your Home Before Foreclosure Proceedings Begin

One of the most powerless feelings is realizing that you may lose your home due to lapsed mortgage payments, yet it’s impossible to catch up. Let’s get one thing out of the way: there’s no shame in this! Life happens. Financial burdens hit hard. It doesn’t mean you’re powerless to get out of this situation with a semi-winning hand, though. If you are going to lose your home, you might as well benefit as much as possible. In a race against the clock, you need to know the best practices for selling your home before [...]

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Self-Employed? Getting a Mortgage is About to Get Easier

Ask any self-employed homeowner to tell you about their home buying experience and you are bound to hear at least a few tales involving grumbling, headache, and stress. The self-employed have always had an uphill battle when applying for a mortgage, but thankfully that may be about to change. CMHC Chief Commercial Officer Romy Bowers stated that the self-employed represent a significant portion of Canada’s workforce and the new policy would allow this demographic to, “benefit from competitive interest rates.”  Moreover, those that have been operating their own business [...]

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6 Benefits of Selling Your Home to a Real Estate Investor

Selling your home doesn't always need to mean listing it with a real estate agent and waiting for a buyer to come along. If you're looking for a quick sale, it can make a lot of sense to sell to a private real estate investor instead. You might not get quite as high a price, but you'll enjoy these six other benefits to make up for it. 1) Take Control of the Situation Selling your home on the open market often takes months or years, and in the meantime your life [...]

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What is a Letter of Explanation and Why Might Your Mortgage Lender Require One?

When working your way through the mortgage process, there are a large number of different documents that you will be asked to provide. The list can often seem never-ending. One of the more common documents that your mortgage lender may request is a letter of explanation (LOX). What is a letter of explanation? When deciding whether or not to approve you for a mortgage, the underwriter will take a close look at your financial history. Their investigation might include looking at your bank statements, retirement funds, tax returns, and pay stubs. [...]

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Exploring Home Appraisals and Their Impact on Your Mortgage

The process of buying a new home is always a long and nerve-wracking one. At times it can seem like you have a never-ending list of tasks to do. Though many of these tasks are relatively straightforward, there are many which are not as well understood. In particular, there is some mystery around what exactly a home appraisal is and how it may impact your home-buying process. What is a home appraisal? In its purest form, a home appraisal is an expert evaluation of your home to determine what its value. [...]

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How to Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Step one on your to-do list when searching for a new home to buy should be getting a mortgage pre-approval letter from your financial institution. The pre-approval will let you know how much you can borrow and what your interest rate will be. This will help you budget for exactly how much house you can afford. Perhaps more importantly, having a pre-approval letter in-hand will show any realtors and sellers that you are a very serious buyer. What documents or information do you need to have to get a mortgage [...]

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It’s a Commercial Sellers’ Market

Many commercial property owners are wondering when the time will be right to sell their commercial real estate. They have misgivings about the federal government's policy concerning interest rates. In most cases, it takes a professional commercial and industrial real estate professional to answer these questions. It is true that interest rates are currently rising, which signals to most property owners that there will be an increased risk on their parts. But when interest rates are rising, the result is that the cost of mortgage capital increases. However, according to Investopedia, mortgage rates make up only a portion of [...]

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How to Respond to a Low Home Appraisal

You've found that perfect home, and your real estate agent has helped you to negotiate an acceptable contract price. The seller accepts the offer and you're on your way to a set of keys. Things are rocking along. The home inspection went pretty well. There were a few minor things to work out with the seller, but they agreed to the repairs. Your mortgage agent got you a great mortgage. Things are looking great; then the appraisal comes in. It's $11,000 below the agreed purchase price of $268,000. This is totally unexpected, and now you [...]

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Why I love being a Mortgage Broker & Helping Clients with Mortgage Service

I was asked recently if I loved being a mortgage broker and providing mortgage service to clients and, if so, why. I loved the question, particularly how the follow-up “why” didn’t let me off the hook with a simple smile and a “yes.” I do love providing mortgage services for clients in Ontario. Here are the reasons: I believe our purpose in life is to be in service to others. Taking applications, finding the right lender, and obtaining a mortgage for someone is rewarding for me. I like doing this service. I’m competitive. I like [...]

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