Why do I need a down payment?

Can't I get a mortgage that will cover 100% of the cost? Sigh! I cannot tell you how often I hear these questions when I speak to a prospective client. The short answer is YES. You do need a down payment. Recently, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions changed the mortgage rules for both conventional and nonconventional mortgage borrowers; now, borrowers have to qualify using a minimum rate. A nonconventional mortgage is a mortgage in which your down payment is less than 20%, and a conventional mortgage entails paying 20% or more. You [...]

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Real Estate Investing: It’s not for the faint at heart

Real Estate InvestingThere are a number of stories out there about going from rags to riches through real estate investing—and an even higher number of real estate investing courses that offer you all the get-rich-quick schemes.All I will say is you need to be skeptical.  Yes, there is great opportunity to build wealth by investing in real estate; however, it will not happen overnight and requires a great deal of patience and understanding of real estate to make money.Real estate doesn’t always increase in value. I bought a home in Windsor, Ontario; I lived in it [...]

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Should You Get a Second Home Mortgage?

A second home mortgage is a loan that lets you borrow money against the value of your home and your home equity. Many homeowners decide to take out a second home mortgage for a number of reasons. They can be used to finance home improvements or repairs that improve the property's value, to pay for college, to finance a second home or even to go on vacation.However, before deciding to take out a second home mortgage, you should consider the two types of second home mortgages that are available while also comparing the advantages and disadvantages [...]

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7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Having a low credit score may make you feel hopeless about your financial future, but don't give up now. There are ways you can start to improve your credit score now. While it may seem challenging to raise your score to the standards that lenders of mortgages and auto loans will require, it is definitely possible and simpler than you think. Here are  the seven ways you can improve your credit score and achieve your dreams of financial freedom. Pay attention to credit card balances Schedule a morning, afternoon or time on the weekend to [...]

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How to Screen a Mortgage Agent

When you interview mortgage agents you are intent on working with, you can take the opportunity to learn about loan terms, interest rates, and the various types of loan programs available. Not all mortgage agents have the same skill level and expertise, however. When you're in the market for a mortgage agent, you should address the following concerns. Determine whether the agent has the patience to sit down with you and explain all the features of various loan programs. If a agent is representing too many lenders at one time, he or she may not [...]

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How You Can Benefit from Using a Mortgage Agent

Most people are going to need some type of a loan when they decide they are going to purchase a home - this is where mortgage brokers can help. The costs involved in purchasing a new home are fairly high when you add in the closing costs, fees, rates, and the principal amount you are going to need to actually pay for the house. As responsible adult, you should do research on multiple lending companies to find the best rates and terms. But for most people, this is not easy and the internet is littered [...]

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